Obama's Oral History

The Obama Foundation selected the Columbia Center for Oral History Research to create the oral history of President Barack Obama during his time in office, according to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.

This conquest will showcase the effects his administration had through their policies, actions, and resolutions they had in the 8 years he served as president. The University of Hawaii and the University of Chicago have also joined the partnership, to speak on Obama's life in Hawaii and in Chicago.

It makes sense to have the University of Hawaii included because Michelle Obama said, "You can’t really understand Barack until you understand Hawaii." Not to be outdone, the project will also include commentary on Michelle Obama and her time as First Lady as well.

The project will begin this summer and continue for 5 years. The Oral History of Obama will consist of interviews from over 400 people to include policy makers, senior leaders, politicians, campaign staffers, and other people who were not associated with the White House. Also being interviewed will be regular American citizens who will comment on how Obama being president impacted their day to day lives.

Mary Marshall, the director of the Columbia Center for Oral History said, “We are honored to document the legacy of President Obama. Our goal is to set a new benchmark for presidential oral histories in terms of the diversity and breadth of narratives assembled and depth of understanding achieved. Central to our project is a commitment to candidly document the stories of key administration alumni and bring them into conversation with the varied experiences of Americans from all walks of life.”

Image Source: Pete Souza

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