Pharrell x Adidas Launch the "Now Is Her Time" Campaign

On this past Saturday, Pharrell in conjunction with Adidas launched their "Now Is Her Time" Campaign. The campaign was created to acknowledge the fearless sacrifices women have made, are making and will make to change the world we live in.

In a promo clip, Pharrell said, “Now is my time to show gratitude to women. History was her time. Now is her time. The future is her time. It’s always been your time.”

In championing women’s rights, the campaign showcases a variety of women's rights artists and activists “rooted in gender, sexuality, sexual rights, race, and equality,” according to Adidas. Those influencers included in the brand are Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, Syd, and model Kadija Diawara among others. In the campaign, some of the women are shown pregnant or posing with their children while breastfeeding them. These images were chosen to highlight women in their entirety.

The campaign was shot by Collier Schorr, a fashion photographer who uniquely finds ways to venture down the paths of sexuality, history, identity, and gender. Even though the campaign is for women, the collection is unisex to boost the choices and options for all indivisuals.

Syd, the lead singer in the group, The Internet said, “It’s been an uphill battle for women for a long time. I influence the human race by looking at myself as a human first, and an artist, producer, creative person, whatever my career is, second.” Cullors said to Adidas, “I’m not interested in relying on other people to save me or my community. We have to step in, I have to step up.”

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