Quarantine Radio!!!

Quarantine, Quarantine, Quarantine!!!

In these very weird times we are living in, some people have found ways to continue to have fun and also engage others in the process. People are playing virtual games, hosting virtual happy hours, and using FaceTime like they never have before. However, there is one rapper that is taking social media, Instagram to be exact to the next level.

Enter, Tory Lanez. The 27 year old Canadian rapper has begun to use the Instagram Live feature almost daily, with his new show, Quarantine Radio. Now, the show is just something the rapper started for fun, but has put him in an international spotlight. He allows other celebrities to join his live feed, giving viewers a look into the ways different stars are quarantining.

Last week, Tory added arguably the biggest name in the rap game to his live, Drake. Before adding Drake, Tory had approximately 140,000 viewers, which is no small feat in itself. However, after adding Drake, the viewers jumped to 310K! According to Revot TV, that is the highest number of Instagram Live viewers ever. Other celebrities who have entered Quarantine Radio are Meg Thee Stallion, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, DMX, and JT of the City Girls to name a few. Very popular hip hop associated brands have entered to view the live stream such as Complex, Bel Air, BET, and Revolt.

On yesterday, Tory broke his own record he set last week, by having over 360K viewers on his live. Before being on for 15 minutes yesterday, Tory had 245K viewers alone. Tory is using the feature in a way the culture or the company has seen before. This is great promo for him, as he dropped his new mixtape, The New Toronto 3 today. He has all of our attention, and what better way to capitalize on that than by dropping new music?!

Tory is for sure doing this for the culture and we appreciate him. This is something different than Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime for us to look at.

Keep it coming!!!

Image Source: TSR

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