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Just hours after it was announced that Jay-Z was hip-hop's first billionaire, Rihanna was making waves of her own on a Forbes list. RiRi is the world's richest woman musician. She has a reported fortune of $600 million. She is ahead of the likes of Beyonce' Madonna, and Celine Dion. This comes as no shock due to Rihanna's recent contributions to the world of make-up and fashion.

The 31-year old's fortune is not rooted into her music sales/streams or concert earnings, but rather her industry shaking entrance into the fashion world and her collaboration with the French company, LVMH, a luxury goods giant. They partner together on Fenty Beauty, which launched in September 2017 at Sephora, which is owned by LVMH. The launch was an extreme hit for the company and the singer, bringing in $100 million during the first few weeks of sales. She was able to do this by dropping 40 shades of foundation, which one beauty analyst states was a potential shock to the beauty system. Rihanna was offering shades for people of color who before the release of Fenty Beauty had troubles finding shades to match their skin tones. With Fenty Beauty, people were no longer settling for what was the closest to their complexion, but they were actually finding their exact match in shades.

Fenty Beauty had only been in business a little over a year when they reportedly earned over a half a billion in sales, now valuing Fenty Beauty at roughly $3 billion. Rihanna also is a co-owner of Savage X Fenty, a lingerie venture she has with an LA based company, TechStyle. She and LVMH also have a clothing entitled, Fenty, which was released just last month. The clothing line designs high-end clothing articles and shoes. Just as she was inclusive with her make-up products, the clothing does the same, offering up to a size 14, capturing more than just the petite body sizes. Congrats are in order for the musician turned businesswoman. Amassing a $600 million net-worth is all the reason for her to not be in the study, but sis, we miss your music, so PLEASE hurry up and give us a track for the summer!

Image Source: Bloomberg

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