Robert F. Smith Does it Again

The generous donor behind the graduating class of Morehouse College's seniors student loan balance has made yet another big announcement. Robert F. Smith is now launching an internship program for ethnic students who have historically been underrepresented. Mr. Smith sure does know how to use his billion-dollar fortune to better the black community. This announcement comes a month after what he did for the Morehouse College grads. It is of value to note, that in 2017, Smith became the first African American to sign The Giving Pledge, a promise to gift most of his wealth to philanthropic causes. The program is an extension of hiss Fund II Foundation which has a mission of “advancing social change and creating an enduring American legacy.”

The internship program has been titled, Intern X. It is open to rising sophomores with a 2.8 GPA or better to prepare students for careers in STEM at all companies. The goal is to help 1,000 students land an internship. According to the website, the program also has opportunities for those interested in real estate, marketing, software, and finance. As of now, Vista Equity Partners - Smith's company, Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC), AT&T, Citi, Deloitte, have all come on board to participating companies in the program, with some of these listed companies offering housing and relocation assistance. Additionally, the selected students will receive payment, mentorship, networking opportunities and will participate in meaningful assignments.

Interested students can sign up using the InternX student registration form.

Image Source: My Northwest

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