Rosa Parks is Now a Barbie

With yesterday being International Women's Equality Day, a new Barbie was rolled out by the company. Rosa Parks is now a barbie doll! The doll comes packaged with educational information which points to Parks' contributions to society. Her doll was created in conjunction with the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development, named after Parks and her husband, who was also a civil rights activist himself.

Barbie has been a company that has been a beacon of women rights and freedom since their establishment in March of 1959. Last year, to celebrate this day, Barbie created their "Inspiring Women Series" to honor historical role models who laid the foundation for where women are in the world today. The goal is for girl to dream bigger than they ever have before. The Civil Rights activist will have her doll added to the collection joining the likes of Katherine Johnson, the mathematician and hidden figure. Coincidentally, Rosa Parks doll release was on the same day as Johnson's 101st birthday.

The “Inspiring Women Series” was created because Mattel released statistics regarding the “Dream Gap,” which shows girls start to see gender as inferior to boys and develop limiting beliefs about themselves as early as 5 years old. To help combat the cultural stereotypes, implicit biases and media representation, the barbie dolls hope to spread awareness of the issue and to close the Dream Gap.

“Rosa Parks was an incredible heroine of her time. She fearlessly took a risk that would help change the status quo and pave the way for future generations. Her story is an inspiring example of bravely standing for what is right in the face of adversity”, was said in a statement by Mattel, the parent company of Barbie as to why they chose Parks.

Director of the Parks Institute for Self-Development said, “We hope that the Rosa Parks Barbie will spark conversations about her contributions to society and encourage future generations of girls to fearlessly stand up for what they believe in.”

Rosa Parks' Barbie is currently available for order.

Image Source: Barbie/Mattel

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