Samuel L. Jackson is the New Voice of Amazon's Alexa

We all know Samuel L Jackson as an amazing actor that has been killing the box office for decades. Now, we will hear his voice as we use Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa.

Of course, access to Sam's voice will come at a price, but the price point of $1 is definitely low enough to support one of our favorite movie uncles. The Morehouse alum will lend his voice to Amazon so we can ask him questions such as, “where he is from, can you wake me up at 7am, and can you sing me ‘Happy Birthday’.” I don't know about you all, but to hear Jackson sing "Happy Birthday" might be enough to purchase this feature alone. Or, imagine being told in Jackson's voice, "Wake up mother f*cker", one of his favorite words we have learned from watching his films. Hearing that should make us all jump out of bed and start our days, without hitting snooze.

His voice on Alexa will be available later this year.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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