Started From the Bottom Now We Here

"Started from the bottom now we here" is a popular song lyric from Drake that he released in a song back in 2013 on his Nothing was the Same album. These lyrics now represent Drake's ascension in the music world, so much so that many of us forget he played wheelchair Jimmy in the Degrassi.

In 2013, I bet Drake had no clue that he was manifesting his life in a very real way, but as we have all heard, your words have power. Luckily for Drake, his words have a lot of power. After releasing two songs with DJ Khaled, Drake now surpassed Madonna, breaking the record for most Top 10 hits on the Billboard 100 list. Greece and Popstar were both released last week and are numbers 3 & 8 respectively on the hit list. This announcements comes a year after Drake won 12 awards at the Billboard Awards in 2019, the most ever won by a single artist.

Drake now has 40 songs in the top 10, which is two more than Madonna, nine more than Rihanna, ten more than Michael Jackson (this is mind blowing), and 15 more than his mentor and the guy who helped bring him to the top, Lil Wayne.

While this is news, this comes as no surprise. Drake has been killing the music game and seemed primed to take over as a top artists in the industry when he dropped his third mix-tape, which almost won a Grammy, So Far Gone in 2009. Very few, if any artists can say they have a consistent run as long as Drake's.

Before we go, we saw on Hot New Hip Hop that Drake's new album is 90% done. Now that is something to look forward to. We cannot wait. Again, congratulations, Drizzy.

Image Source: XXL Magazine

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