Teacher of the Year - Rodney Robinson

CBS This Morning announced last week that Rodney Robinson of Richmond, VA is the National Teacher of the Year. He was selected the winner of 4 finalists, from Alaska, DC, and Oklahoma. Mr. Robinson is a teacher at the Virgie Binford Education Center, which is a school inside the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center. He teaches history and social studies. Robinson said, "his students are just like any other teenagers. There's no difference, they like cheesy, teenage stuff like 'Teen Wolf' and 'Hanna,' their favorite shows. But they just made mistakes and they're paying for mistakes."

Mr. Robinson believes America is a country of second chances and in order to receive a proper second chance, one must be educated. His goal is to create an equitable culture in the classroom by teaching the students to become socially conscious. His students are in the detention center for offenses ranging from e skipping school to being charged with murder. To keep them encouraged, Robinson hangs college banners and motivational quotes around the school. As Teacher of the Year, Rodney said he will be advocating for economic and cultural equality. Congratulations Mr. Robinson and we look forward to hearing more great things about you and your students in the future.

Image Source: RVAScools.net

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