The Black Animated Short 'Hair Love' is Now Available to Everyone Online

The world can now see the masterpiece Matthew Cherry created.

In 2017, the former NFL player was inspired to create this short because of all the viral videos of fathers doing their daughters' hair. The animated short was created to celebrate those dads who are doing so. Cherry said in an interview, "One thing I will say is there is authenticity in specificity. And being a Black man myself and knowing little girls who don’t feel represented in a lot of these projects, it was important for me to have it be an African American daughter and father."

Hair Love started as a book that Cherry wrote this year as well. The illustrations in the book were created by Vashti Harrison.

The short film was saw widely by audiences earlier this year after premiering before screenings of Angry Birds 2. The film was able to raise the capital needed from a Kickstarter campaign, in which $300,000 was raised. Currently, the film has 5,375,368 views and counting on YouTube. It does not take a long time to support this work, only having a runtime of 6 minutes and 47 seconds.

Do yourself a favor and check out the short film, click here.

Image Source: Essence

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