The Black Quarterbacks in the NFL

Through the first 3 weeks of the NFL season, the Black quarterbacks have been lighting it up! In this time, 5 Black quarterbacks are in the top 6 for total quarterback rating (QBR). Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys), Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs), Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens), Deshaun Watson (Houston Texans), and Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) are all killing it right now!

Prescott has the Cowboys off to a very hot start, with a 3-0 record. The quarterback is also playing inspired football, as a new, lucrative deal looms in the balances. On the season so far, Dak has a total QBR of 89.9, making him #1 on the lost through 3 weeks. He has a completion percentage of 74.5%, 9 touchdowns, and 920 passing yards. He also has 88 rushing yards on the season and 1 rushing touchdown.

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Also leading his team to an undefeated record so far at 3-0 is Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is not far behind Prescott in total QBR with a rating of 89.6, placing him 2nd on the list. He has a completion percentage of 71.6, 10 touchdowns, and 1,195 passing yards. Mahomes does not run as much as the other quarterbacks on the list only having 10 rushing yards on the season.

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The surprise of the list, but definitely deserved is the Ravens' Lamar Jackson. while they just dropped their first game of the season to Mahomes' Chiefs on Sunday (now 2-1), Action Jackson is still having a great season so far. Lamar's total QBR is sitting at 80.2, which puts him at #4 on the list. Lamar has a completion percentage of 63%, 863 passing yards, and 7 touchdowns on the year. He already has one more passing touchdown than he did all of last year after taking over for Joe Flacco in week 10 of the 2018 season. Jackson also has 172 rushing yards on the season and has added 1 rushing touchdown. Lamar appearing on this list is amazing because many viewed him as more of a running quarterback and last week against the Chiefs, he did not throw a touchdown pass. Yet, Jackson still is in the top 5. Lamar is also the only former Heisman Trophy Winner on the list.

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Top round out the top 5, we have Deshaun Watson. Watson has a total QBR of 74.5. On the season, Watson has 6 passing touchdowns on the season, 778 passing yards, and has a 65.6 completion percentage. The Clemson product has 2 rushing touchdowns on the year so far and 63 rushing yards. The Texans are currently sitting at 2-1.

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Just outside the top 5 is Russell Wilson at number 6, with a total QBR of 73.0. Like Jackson, Wilson also has 7 passing touchdowns on the year, a 71.4 completion percentage, and 901 passing yards. Russ has 81 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns to go along with his passing scores. The Seahawks are currently sitting at 2-1 behind their quarterback's leadership.

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Great start to the season, brothers. Keep up killing it on the gridiron.

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