The Boondocks is Set to Return!!!

Late last month, John Witherspoon reached back in our minds with memories of The Boondocks in an interview with Joe Rogan. He teased that The Boondocks would be returning and everyone who has been clamoring for the show to return began talking about this being a possibility

The show has not aired since 2014, which was season 4, but seasons 1-3 all aired from 2005-2010. The difference, the show's original creator was not involved with season 4 at all. In 2020, The Boondocks is set to return along with Aaron McGruder, the creator of the series.

Yesterday, it was reported that Sony Pictures Animation is bringing back the ever-so-missed show next year in a "re-imaged" way. Sony also was not involved in season 4 as well, so this project will be sort of a reunion for McGruder and Sony. The show will be returning to its original home, Adult Swim.

McGruder will be there to drive the creative direction of the show and Sony executives said the show will still provide comedic relief and it will also match the current political climate. It's intended to follow Freemans' battles against Uncle Ruckus, who is now in charge of running Woodcrest County, but doing so as a tyrant, which everyone hates. Our favorite characters, Huey, Riley, and Grandad are trying to beat Ruckus' "my way or no way" by being "topical and radical." Our only prayer is that Academy Award winner Regina King will return to voice both Huey and Riley, since she just signed a multi-year production deal with Netflix. You can read about that deal here.

For the readers who have never seen the show, you can catch up on seasons 1-4 on Hulu.

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