The Father Stretched His Bands

As a nod to the 2016 drop of Kanye West's Father Stretch My Hands, this article is titled. For the first time in his long rap career, Kanye has become the highest paid hip hop artist for 2019. Forbes ranked the producer turned rapper turned fashion icon at the top of their list, ahead of his former mentor and newly cemented billionaire, Jay-Z.

Kanye did not release an album or any music that would have made him money, but he has his ever increasing fashion empire to thank that puts him atop of the list. The rapper designs clothes and shoes under the moniker, YEEZY, which has grown to prominence in recent years. Most notably, his shoes have taken over the sneaker market, sold in conjunction with Adidas.

West earned a whopping $150 million, which is almost double what Jay-Z made, $81 million. Kanye's 2019 number is over five times what he made last year, $27.5 million It is fair to say that West had a successful rebound year. Drake came in third at $75 million. To see the full list of the top 20, click here.

Image Source: Rapzilla

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