Top Two and He's Not Two

Last night, the NFL announced their top ten players. The interesting thing about this lost is that the list is voted on by the players, so the list is sort of like a peer review. It seems as though we talk a lot about this young man on this website, but it is deserving with all of his accomplishments. If you are still wondering who I am talking about, it is none other than the Baltimore Ravens starting quarterback, Lamar Jackson.

On NFL Network, Lamar was named the number 1 player in the National Football League. This even surprised him. Lamar said, "Christian McAffrey (Carolina Panthers running back) and Pat (Mahomes) just won a Super Bowl both were going crazy. I wasn't thinking I would be number 1. I thought I was top 5, not number 1." The humility he displays shows exactly why he is deserving of everything he gets. This was his first time debuting on the list and it is number one, he is as the youngest player to be named number 1 at age 23. Lamar just wrapped up his second season as an NFL player and his first as a full-time starter. But even with all this, Lamar said, "I will always have a chip on my shoulder until I win me a chip (championship)."

What led the players to select Lamar number 1? Well not only did he take home the NFL MVP, he had 36 passing touchdowns (led the NFL), 1206 rushing yards (NFL record for quarterbacks), and was a first team All-Pro selection. Lamar accomplished all of this did not play a full game at the end of the season AND he did not play in the fourth quarter of FOUR games. This is impressive and his peers took note of his greatness on the field. Ezekiel Elliott said, "did you not see what he was doing? He made pro football look like high school highlights." Courtland Sutton, the Denver Broncos wide receiver said, "watching him is like a cheat code. Russell Wilson Lamar has been electric all year; all the things he can do, running the throwing it too, the competitive nature he brings to the game, that's the kind of player you want on your team."

While Lamar was number one, the top five players were all Black for the first time since the list was created in 2011. The rest of the top five include: Russell Wilson (2), Aaron Donald (3), Patrick Mahomes (4), and Michael Thomas (5).

To see Lamar's feature on NFL Network for being selected number one, click here.

Congrats, Lamar. BIG TRUZZ!!!!

Image Source: @NFL on Instagram

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