Twins Named Co-Valedictorians

As if they already don't share enough as it is, Alexis and Mikaila Esuke have been named Co-Valedictorians for Bowie High School's Class of 2019. Alexis describes the situation as a "crazy coincidence"in an interview with NBC 4, DC's NBC affiliate. The sister both play tennis, reminding us of Venus and Serena Williams; and of course they play doubles.

The pair had no idea they would be Co-Valedictorians. Mikaila told NBC 4 that she just assumed they both were in the top 5% of the class and would just get nice pins to wear for graduation. To their surprise, they were called to the principal's office which is where they found out they would be sharing the Valedictorian title. Mikaila says her immediate response was "WHAT???" and Alexis said. "Forrealzie?" The sisters were definitely shocked at the news as we can see from their reactions they gave to the principal.

Both Alexis and Mikaila have scholarships to college, and of course they are going to the same school. The twins will be attending the University of Maryland, College Park, where Mikaila will major in Chemical Engineering and Alexis will be studying Mechanical Engineering, making their major selections the only other difference between the two we know of besides their names. The two were both named Prince George's County Public Schools Scholars of the Week in October of 2018.

Their Assistant Principal, Joe Kautzer spoke about their commitment to excellence and serving their community. The girls participated in over 600 hours of community service each, when the state of Maryland only requires graduates to have 24 before they leave high school. Their dad is even expecting them to come back home every summer to volunteer at Bowie High School to tutor the students who are still enrolled. Alexis said, "I've always felt like I had a partner in things, so that carried on to almost everything", when asked how does she do it.

Twins both had a chance to speak at graduation yesterday for being named Co-Valedictorians for 2.5 minutes a pieces, one last thing they got to do for Bowie High School together.

Image Source: PGCPS

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