Tyler Perry

For the month of October, we are doing something different. We will have 2 Power People this month because it was a tough choice. However, we will begin with Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry had an amazing month, one that continued to make waves.

To begin the month, Perry was awarded his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Perry's star was the 2,675th star added to the row and was much deserved. He has been active in entertainment since 1992 through writing, acting, producing and directing tv shows, films, and plays. receiving his star was much deserved.

A few days following his the reveal of his star, Perry unveiled to the world his massive Tyler Perry Studios. While Tyler Perry already had studios, he now has lots with 12 sound stages named after prominent African-Americans that made great contributions to the film and tv industry. What makes this even more significant is that the Studios are built on 330 acres of land that used to be a confederate army base. His land is so large that Sony, Disney, Warner Bros, Fox, and Paramount can all fit within the land, with an extra 60 acres to spare.

Also in October, Tyler Perry released two new tv shows on the BET+ platform that he co-owns with the entertainment company. On October 23rd, The Oval and Sistas premiered on the network, bringing his total count of television shows currently airing to 5. The two shows air at 9pm EST and 10pm EST respectively.

To close out the month, we have more news involving the new Tyler Perry Studios. It was announced the next Democratic Debate on November 20th will held at his studios. Also, just yesterday, October 31st, it was made public that the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant will also be held at the studios. This just sounds like more money for the mogul, Mr. Perry.

We salute you this month, King and keep showing the world why our people deserve a seat at the table.

Image Source: CBN

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