Tyler Perry x BET to Launch Streaming Service

Tyler Perry's brain does not stop working, so his pockets will forever get increasingly fatter. The filmmaker, writer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur is getting a start on his next business with some assistance from the good people over at BET.

Instead of doing it the white man's way and working for them, Tyler Perry is going out on the limb and once again, betting on himself, which it seems he has yet to fail at. During his Ultimate Icon Award speech during the 2019 BET Awards, he said, “While you’re fighting for a seat at the table, I’ll be down in Atlanta building my own." So, in addition to Tyler Perry Studios, Mr. Perry will be jumping into the streaming world with Viacom in the fall to launch BET+.

Scott Mills, President of BET Networks said, “African Americans are the leading consumers of streaming services, with higher SVOD adoption rates than other consumers, which is why we’re so excited to launch a premium product for this underserved audience. Tyler Perry is the perfect partner for BET+. The combination of new, original shows and his giant library of popular movies, series and stage plays that Tyler brings to our joint venture creates an amazing product for his large and passionate fan base.”

The new streaming platform will offer a combination of African American focused tv shows, movies, and specials. The platform will also be home to Tyler Perry's movies, shoes, and stage plays, most notably, his hit stage plays which helped him rise in fame. As of now, there is no confirmed price for the service.

During his speech last Sunday he also acknowledged, "Tyler Perry Studios is built on land that was a Confederate army base. They were fighting to keep 3.9 million negroes enslaved. Now one negro owns it all.”

In the official press release for BET+ platform, Perry stated, “In our industry, the way people consume content is constantly evolving. I’ve paid attention to my audience and what works for them and, for that reason, I’m very excited not only about the idea of partnering with BET to create new and exciting content, but also about the idea of giving people a personalized experience through the ability to curate the content they love to consume. On a personal level, this will also be the first time I’ll be working in areas like unscripted and variety television, which will afford me the opportunity to work in fresh, creative ways with new voices and to discover new talent."

We cannot wait to see what comes of this venture and for a chance to have unparalleled access to Perry's hit stage plays, which we grew to love over the years.

Image Source: Vibe

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