Vlad Jr. Shines in 35th Home Run Derby

While he came in second place, it is no small feat what Vladimir Guerrero Jr. accomplished last night. The 20 year old Toronto Blue Jays rookie is more than just a namesake of his dad. His dad, Vladimir Guerrero Sr is in the baseball Hall of Fame and if Junior can transfer what he did Monday night into the game play, we do not see why he would not be there as well when his career is over.

Vlad Jr. wowed the viewers of the derby by hitting a record setting 29 homers in the first round of the derby. When you hit the balls a certain distance, batters are awarded an extra 30 seconds of hit time. Well, Junior received an extra minute of hit time, eventually sending 40 balls in total out of the park. The first pitch he sent 462 feet, marking what we saw as an amazing night. He won the first round against Joe Pederson, 40-39.

In the final round, Guerrero was just gassed, losing 22-23. However, on the night, he saw 207 total pitches, and swung at 195 of them. He sent 91 of those 195 pitches throughout the park for home runs. At one point of the derby, Junior saw swung at 25 pitches and homered on 19 of them, making that his most impressive stretch of the night. Over the course of the challenge, he hit 38,641 feet worth of home runs, with his longest being 488 feet, the shortest 373, and had an average more than 424 feet.

At the end of his 91 homer performance, Guerrero Jr said, "Ay dios mio", which translates into English as "Oh my God". And Oh my God is the only reaction we can give after watching such a performance as last night.

Image Source: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

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