West Philly x Polo Ralph Lauren

Normally, when we hear West Philly, we think of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's theme song. What we don't think of is horses AND Black men. As if Lil Nas X's Old Town Road wasn't enough of having the image of Blacks and horses planted in our minds, in comes Polo. The apparel company partnered with West Philly equestrians for a new ad campaign.

The campaign came from a partnership between Work to Ride and Polo Ralph Lauren. Work to Ride is a non profit organization that teaches young people in Philly how to ride horses and play polo. The program also has an after school program and summer camps available as well. The program has been active for 25 years, serving kids from the ages of 7 - 19.

The program is supported though grants and the tuition received from the summer camps and funds from riding lessons. The program is staffed by paid volunteers, who receive up to $100 a week for their time. The Work to Ride website reads, "Work To Ride programs and activities are designed to explore new ways of engaging youth in significant educational, social and cultural experiences that are otherwise unavailable." Polo said they will be providing a grant to the Work to Ride program that will fund college scholarships for the athletes in the program.

The campaign has a launch video which was shot at Chamounix Equestrian Center in Fairmount Park. The video includes pictures of the Philly skyline and the iconic Ben Franklin Bridge. The video can be seen at the following link: https://youtu.be/-HwWorilWEw

Image Source: Youtube

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