What's Better Than 1 Valedictorian? 2!!!

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

We've been here before, the parents of Chyna and Anthony Mays may have said to themselves as they waited on Anthony's name to be called to walk across the stage. Not because he graduated from the same high school as his sister, who's 2 years older than him, but because he is also the valedictorian of his graduating class at Rockdale Magnet High School.

In 2017, Chyna graduated top of her class with an overall GPA of a 4.91 and last week, Anthony did the same, graduating top of his class with a 4.93 overall GPA.

Demeka Breedlove-Mays, the mother of the children spoke about how she and her husband were able to copy their success with their daughter and she said, "Our secret is that we had a plan for them since birth and followed it. The Ivy league or top 5 schools were not a part of the initial plan. We just wanted them to attend great schools on full rides. One day, my daughter came home from elementary school after attending a college fair and said she wanted to go to Yale. That's when we had to seriously do research about admission requirements and costs. We told her what it would take and what she needed to do to work for it. We took them both on college tours as early as 8th grade. During a West Coast tour my son put Stanford at the top of his list. After an east coast tour, he added MIT and Harvard.”

Upon applying to schools, Anthony was accepted into MIT, UCLA, UGA, GA Tech, Stanford, UPenn, and other schools. His 4.93 GPA had schools clamoring for his enrollment. His stellar GPA also placed him as the only Black valedictorian in the Rockdale County school district.

Anthony is joining his sister at Stanford when the fall semester begins. He will be studying Management Science and Engineering on the economics and finance track. Uniquely, he will be taking Mandarin as his language, on a quest to become bilingual. Chyna will be entering her junior year, also in the STEM field, majoring in Bioengineering and also studying Japanese. Congrats to both students and we wish them will at Stanford!!!

Image Source: BOTWC

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