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As you all know, Watch My Black has been dedicated to posting only positive things Black people are doing worldwide. However, as a Black news source, it would be negligent if we did not speak on the current problems facing Black Americans today. The police brutality, racism, injustice, health and economic disparities crushing our communities HAS TO END. We are tired of hashtags, we are tired of empty promises from politicians, we are tired of our brothers and sisters dying, we are tired of being locked up for the very thing white people are deeming “essential” (marijuana), we are tired of living our best unproblematic lives and having the cops called on us because a white person felt threatened by our presence; WE ARE TIRED!!!

Today, with a heavy heart, I write this message with a call to action of the NEXT. Once we get charges on the current officer involved deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, once we get convictions for the killers of Ahmaud Abrery, once we get people fired from their jobs like the white lady that harassed Christian Cooper in Central Park, what do we do NEXT? What's NEXT after a company or celebrity speaks out and/or donates? Well, I am here to offer some suggestions that we can get started on today!

- Voter education: not just voting, but being informed on why you are voting for certain people and why EACH election cycle that passes matters to you.

- Civilian Police Review Boards: Once we get educated on voting, the civilian police review board comes into play. These exist in cities to review the very incidents we are protesting for now. Once we get educated on voting and do vote, we can get the correct people in these positions to swiftly get justice from officer involved killings.

- Supporting Black Business: Circulating the Black dollar in our communities, in our peoples’ businesses will hinder the growth of white businesses and begin to increase our wealth and decrease theirs. Black people have over $3 TRILLION in buying power, so putting that money to effectively help and support our people will be beneficial in not only creating a Black Wall Street, but in creating an entire new boom of a Black economy. This is also a way to begin generational wealth.

- Boycotting Businesses: We need to come together to not support businesses we know our find out support the current president or have stayed silent in times we needed them most; especially companies that make their money from appeasing to and appropriating Black culture/people. The Bus Boycott lasted 381 days, so I know we can do the same to make our economic impact felt and to drive change for Black people.

- Total Quality Management (TQM) Training for Black Businesses: While we do need to support our Black businesses, the Black businesses also need to do a better job at supporting and serving us. They need customer service training, conflict resolution training, and other training needed to effectively run a business and serve customers. To read more about TQM, click here.

- Bank Black: move your money to a Black bank. OneUnited, Citizens Trust Bank, and Industrial Bank are a few we can begin with. OneUnited is the largest Black Bank in the country. Once we begin to move our money, these banks can continue to expand and have a presence nationwide. Like many things nowadays, these banks have an online presence, so we can conduct most of our banking needs from an app or computer if the bank is not based in your current city of residence.

- Re-open Cases from Officer Involved Deaths: Like Sean Reed in Indianapolis, we are seeking justice for countless others that were killed by the very people that are here to “protect” us. We need to continually contact law enforcement to get cases re-opened so a real investigation can happen and for justice to be received. Now is the time more than ever to begin this process. They are listening, they are feeling our presence, so let’s act now while we have this momentum and the attention of the world.

- Start the conversation NOW for Black Athletes to attend HBCUs: Yes, we know the Power 5 conferences and other white conferences have more money, more tv time, and better facilities, but that is because sports drive their schools’ revenue. If we can begin to get our athletes to attend our schools, HBCUs will begin to get television deals, HBCUs will begin to have more money for scholarships and upgrading facilities. We need our athletes to play their sports at our schools to increase revenue so more and more Black athletes are attracted to and want to attend an HBCU to further their academic and athletic careers.

Again, these are just some of the things we can do to continue to push change and not go silent or let this blow over. Continue the conversation with family, friends, co-workers, etc... We need the change but also have to push for it. Let's push, so the young man in the picture does not have to have his kids in the same predicament. Let this be a start of our NEXT!!!

Image Source: This Picture was taken in New York City by Kenny Cousins @Geto_Univercity on Instagram and Twitter.

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