Zero, Black Italian Show to be Aired on Netflix

Netflix is continuing its domination of Black streaming content with the announcement of its fourth Italian original title, Zero, which will follow the lives of Black youth in Italy. Zero set to become the first show from Italy that is centered around Black youth.

Antonio Dikele Distefano, who serves as the director and writer for the series said, "For me--a Black kid who is Italian, like Zero, and who owes everything Italy--the most beautiful thing is that this will be the first series in which the protagonists will be Black Italian kids. I hope that Zero will open the door to Black actors, creatives, and artists who have not yet had a big break." Although the showed features Black youth, many kids will be able to relate to the plot, regardless of what color they are.

Zero, who is the main character in the show believes, "the reality of things and people that is concealed behind appearances." The series is based on a book written by Distefano, but differing a little from the book. The show will consist of a lot of rap music because of Distefano's belief in rap being the language of his generation .

This show is going to be used to highlight the Black Italian experience, which is something that is not normally depicted. Production is set to begin in 2020. This is groundbreaking because there has yet to be a show and very few films that capture the Black Italian experience, more specifically for global audiences, making this Netflix venture very important.

Image Source: IndieWire

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